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Ready for Deployment

The Aumento suite of products are built with the latest technologies that are solid, scalable and are ready to be deployed within hours of confirmation, even for heavy user cases.

Flexible & Customizable

Designed to be highly flexible and customizable, Aumento can be easily extended and tailored to your business plans and requirements with modules, custom developments or integrations.

Gauaranteed to Perform

Intensive product planning, careful selection of technologies and rigorous usability testings by a dedicated and passionate team makes Aumento a choice that's guaranteed to perform.


Human Capital is what makes a company, and it's level of success is determined largely by the effectiveness in managing this resource. The Aumento HRMS lets you do this in a fast and efficient manner. It's built from ground up with an intuitive design. The focus is on ease of use for all levels of employees while ensuring that the productivity is enhanced. As with all Aumento products, it helps reduce the time and various other overheads and better your profits in more than one way.

»  Online and cross-platform - works across all devices
»  Easy to use interface with hardly any learning curve
»  Live attendance, One-click salary, etc. to boost productivity
»  Real-time analytics and reports for proactive managers

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There's nothing better than effective sales strategies that can take a business to greater profits. Customer Relationship Management forms the core of this process. Aumento CRMS is powerful and effective online solution that helps the various departments to collaborate and work smarter. Bring in more sales as well as improve customer retention using the various tools and modules included in it. Aumento CRMS further takes it to the next level with real-time data and reports.

Smooth, straightforward and innovative user interface  «
Modules for enquiry and quotation management  «
Invoicing and payment tracking modules  «
Enhanced MIS and real-time reporting capabilities  «

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AUMENTO Estimator

Designed with performance and usability in mind, the Aumento Estimator takes the complexities out of the estimation jobs. It empowers the team to make quicker and more accurate estimations, allowing them to spend more time on client communication and relationship management. The online nature of the product makes it portable and accessible from anywhere, anytime. As well as the security and reliability that comes with it as an Aumento product, it's also customizable and flexible.

»  Live and sophisticated enquiry analyzer
»  Ability to define workflows as per the company needs
»  One minute estimation, on-the-fly quotes and more
»  Customizable to provide third party integrations

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Ready To Enhance Your Business?

The Aumento suite of products is designed from ground up to get you best returns of your investment in Technology.

The Aumento suite are solid, high-performance SaaS products that are scalable and customizable to your needs. Created by a passionate team of experts, these are designed to get you the best returns on your investment in technology.